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Education Programs

Introducing you to the world of raptors through local educational outreach presentations and programs.

Until we have a fully-operational center of our own, we take our education programs on the road and bring the world of raptors to you in your setting. While we'll do a program just about anywhere, there are a couple strict rules we follow:

1) The environment must be safe for the birds.

2) For safety of both you and the birds, we cannot allow you to handle, pet, or hold them.

We've visited schools, churches, scout groups, civic groups, science centers, festivals, and all sorts of settings where our birds of prey have sparked the imaginations of many.

At the moment, we do not charge for programs, but please understand there is always a cost associated with everything, even when it's "free". We ask that you consider a donation to our organization when requesting a program.

Interested in us coming for a visit? Click the link below to get started!

Education: What We Do
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